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    I read Bill Wilkinson&#039;s article on Multiple, Dynamic Drop-Down Boxes (that man is a legend) <BR><BR><BR><BR>but how do I code it? I don&#039;t want to take any information from the database, just have 8 menues with about 3 options in each.<BR><BR>How do I pass the values of one drop-down box to another?

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    Check out bills website: <BR><BR><BR><BR>Theres some code on there.

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    Default If you don't use a DB...

    ...then you would want to do it all in the browser, using JS coding. You wouldn&#039;t want to use the code on my site that Shane referred to.<BR><BR>But I&#039;m a little scared here:<BR><BR>If you have 8 &#060;SELECT&#062;s, each with 3 options and each dependent on the prior &#060;SELECT&#062;, then the total number of possible options for the 8th box is 3 to the 8th power, which is 6561 ! And the sum of all the various possible options is roughly twice that.<BR><BR>How are you going to write the HTML (well, actually JS, but same thing) for 12,000 possible option values??? If you don&#039;t generate that from a DB, where *DO* you generate it from???<BR><BR>***********<BR><BR>Or did I misinterpret? Do you, instead, have 4 pairs (or 8 pairs?) of &#060;SELECT&#062;s, with only the second of each pair depending on the choice in the first of the pair? That&#039;s a lot saner: 12 times however many of pairs there are.<BR><BR>SO...<BR><BR>Explain a little more, before we go exploring?<BR><BR><BR><BR>Are you really prepared to have

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