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    Hey guys,<BR><BR>I am trying to code ASP pages for a site that would have close to 200 users. Access is the database that I should be using, though i am not sure if it is the right choice.<BR><BR>Now THAT is exactly my question.<BR>How will Access behave as a web database for 200 users?<BR>Are there serious locking issues?<BR>If so, can we restore them and how?<BR><BR>Also, should I use any specific code is ASP to be careful programmer? Is recordsets the way to go using Addnew and Update? Or are INSERT, UPDATE and SELECT statements sufficient? If so why and why not?<BR><BR>Cumon experts please educate me!<BR>Thanks in advance.<BR><BR>..Sebastyan

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    Access will be fine for 200 users, because there probably never be 200 simultaneous users. <BR><BR>There shouldn&#039;t be any significant locking issues, unless there will be A LOT of writing to the database, then, by chance, someone might get a lockout error and will have to re-try. <BR><BR>You should use recordsets for updating large amounts of data, and reqular statements for updating small amounts. <BR><BR>

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