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    Does anyone knows how to get a Random Number of Record Sets from a DB2 on AS/400. I can get the records from DB2, i can Delete and i can Insert the Records in DB2 on AS/400. But having trouble to get the Random Number of Records (Using a SQL Statement from my HTML Form), No idea about SQL Statement syntax which will get random data from DB2 on AS/400. Please help me.

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    Default Here is an example

    of returning random records in IBM UDB, however if you have OLAP options installed it should work for you for IBM DB2/AS400 too.<BR><BR>This will return 10 randow records from your matching results.<BR><BR>SELECT empid<BR> ,empname<BR> FROM (SELECT a.* <BR> ,ROW_NUMBER() OVER(ORDER BY RAND()) AS rown<BR> FROM employee a<BR> )AS temp1<BR> WHERE rown &#060;= 10<BR>ORDER BY empid;<BR><BR>Good luck<BR>Pete

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