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    Hi guys - I am the web developer in a small but ambitious IT department. I&#039;ve been doing classic ASP development for 4 years and we pretty much have all our major internal processes running on some kind of ASP app.<BR><BR>We&#039;re starting to dip our toe into the pool of ASP.NET and we need some advice on the best way to get going and learn this sucker. None of us has a lot of VB in our backgrounds, but we have cobbled together enough knowledge of VBScript over the years to make some good things happen with ASP.<BR><BR>Here&#039;s are my questions: What&#039;s the best way to tackle ASP.NET? Do we need to do the VB immersion program first? What should be our basic plan of attack?<BR><BR>Any help you guys can provide - resources, a basic strategy for us, your own biased opinions, anything you think might help - would be great.<BR><BR>Thanks a bunch<BR>Dave

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    Default I learned it by books.

    And, just doing it.

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    Default "Just Do It"

    Dave,<BR><BR> My experience is a little different from yours as I had a lot of VB experience before starting into the .NET world; however, your VBScript experience should help out a little bit. You may find that getting into VB.NET may not be as hard as you think, especially if there were things you wish you could have done with VBScript that you couldn&#039;t do because now with .NET you probably can do them thanks to codebehinds etc... There are a ton of websites out there including this one that can help you get started. I would recommend doing something small to start out, then as you gain confidence and understanding in how ASP.NET works, move on to bigger and better things. For me, it was best to just start doing it and learn from my mistakes. It probably would be a good thing to get a good understanding of OOP (Object Oriented Programming) as VB.NET FINALLY can leverage the power of OOP. Hope this helps and good luck!<BR><BR>Killroy

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