I&#039;m trying to Upload a picture to a SQL server database. Clearly it&#039;s not working, so I&#039;m wondering if anyone can help.<BR><BR>I&#039;ve opened the specified file for Binary Access Read, and read the data to an Array.<BR><BR>(obviosly I&#039;m using the .AppendChunk method of the Parameters collection and I&#039;ve done all the stuff to break the file length into chunks and used to iterate and append in a loop.)<BR><BR>1:What I would like to know what format do I create the Image column in SQL Server, as an Image type or Binary type?<BR><BR>2:My stored procedure(on SQL Server) that takes the input parameters from ADO, do I set the data type for the image(the has been read into Binary) as an Image type or Binary.<BR><BR>3: With the Parameters Collection when, I specify the parameter name, type, size, direction,and value, what do I specify the variable value as - Binary?<BR><BR>Would this work for other forms of data like a .doc file?<BR><BR><BR>