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    Hi,<BR><BR>I&#039;m building a page where the user can upload a file and in the process I&#039;m sending the file name to a database, so for example "this document.doc" or "this document.html".<BR><BR>I also want to send the file type to the database so from the file name I&#039;d just take the "doc" or the "html" part.<BR><BR>Can someone help me with doing this in asp.<BR><BR>thanks claire

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    Most upload components I know have a function for this, you could check that. I there&#039;s none, it&#039;s trivial to write one yourself<BR><BR>Function Extension ( strFileName )<BR> dotPos = InstrRev ( strFileName,".")<BR> Extension = RIGHT ( strFileName, LEN( strFileName ) - dotPos)<BR>End Function

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