I&#039;ve just got a free host space from eu.webmatrixhosting.net,I&#039;m a Chinese,when I send email which contain Chinese characters from their server,All Chinese characters become some strange symbols and could not be read,I know there must be some thing wrong with mail encoding,but I don&#039;t know which encoding should I use,please help me if you can!My code is as follows:<BR><BR>public void SendMail(){<BR>System.Web.Mail.MailMessage msg=new System.Web.Mail.MailMessage();<BR>msg.From="myemai l@mycom.com";<BR>msg.To="user@user.com";<BR>msg.Su bject="Here&#039;s some Chinese characters";<BR>msg.Body="Here&#039;s some other Chinese characters!";<BR>msg.BodyEncoding=System.Text.Enco ding.Unicode;//problem is here;<BR>System.Web.Mail.SmtpMail.Send(msg");<BR>}