Hey all,<BR><BR>I like the idea of adding polls to my site so I went through the above mentioned article. However when I tried to run it I got an error message...<BR><BR>[Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Too few parameters. Expected 2. <BR><BR>which corresponds to the code block below<BR><BR>&#060;--Code--&#062;<BR>&#060;% else<BR> strSQL = "SELECT PollOption.PollOptionID, PollOption.QuestionText, Poll.PollQuestion " & _<BR> "FROM Poll INNER JOIN PollOption ON Poll.PollID = PollOption.PollID " & _<BR> "WHERE Poll.DateStart &#060;= #" & Date & "# AND Poll.DateEnd &#062;= #" & Date & "#;"<BR> <BR> objRS.Open strSQL, objConn<BR>%&#062;<BR>&#060;---end code--&#062;<BR><BR>I thought at first I typed it in incorrectly so I double and triple checked my code. No help. So then I used the text file the author so generously provided at the end and tried using that the way it was. Unfortunately it produced the exact same error. And as of yet I do not have enough knowledge of ASP and databases to troubleshoot this error. Any insights or help would greatly be appreciated.<BR><BR>Justin<BR>