I&#039m writing code in a multi-technology environment that needs to access the same cookie (ASP & ColdFusion). There is an existing cookie for the domain called "cookie_login" that I need to write to with an ASP page. However, when I look at the cookie file I set with the ASP page, the name is interpreted to "cookie%5Flogin". Apparently, the name gets encoded, which means the cookie can&#039t be shared between the two technologies. The code I use is:<BR><BR>Response.Cookies("cookie_login") = strUserName<BR>Response.Cookies("cookie_login").Do main = G_CookieDomain<BR>Response.Cookies("cookie_login") .Path = "/"<BR>Response.Cookies("cookie_login").Expires = Date + 365<BR><BR>Anyone have any ideas on how to get the underscore in there? Since the userbase (and reams of existing code) has an established use of this cookie value, I just can&#039t go and change it to take out the underscore.<BR><BR>Any help is greatly appreciated.