Hi. I have set up visula studio .net on my home Pc (win2k advanced server) with no problems....<BR><BR>The thing is i need to install it on another Pc (win2k Advanced server) which happens to have 5 web sites set up in IIS manager. <BR>but when i install visual studio.net on this machine it some how creates my WEB APP projects in one of the web sites . This causes my many problems as i wish to set up VS.net so it sets up WEb Apps in another of the websites..... not the one it defaults too. this is very annoying. has anyone come accross this problem before?<BR><BR>no matter how much messing around i do with settings ect it always gives an error....... saying <BR>"unable to create Webapplication1 the path D:website5WebApplication1 does not correspond to the url http://localhost/WebApplication1 they need to map to the same server location.<BR><BR>NOTe : I can sort of get around this problem if i manually hard code in the local host url , but this should not be the case...<BR><BR>does any one know how i can fix this issue ...or put me on the right path..