To Whom It May Concern:<BR><BR>I Anurag Verma is offering my candidature for the post of<BR>Software Developer.<BR><BR>I have 3 years of experience in the Software Development.<BR>I have been working in various technologies like Scripting Languages, Databases and is also <BR>very well versed with working on Multi-tier Internet & Intranet Applications. <BR>I possess excellent communication & interpersonal skills. <BR>I have successfully performed the Role of a Team Leader. <BR><BR>My resume is posted below for your review. I am confident that my experience and qualifications meet your requirements for this position. I look forward to hearing from you to discuss this opportunity in more detail. <BR><BR>Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you soon. <BR><BR><BR>Yours Sincerely,<BR>Anurag Verma<BR><BR> CURRICULUM VITAE OF ANURAG VERMA<BR><BR>E-mail Address-:<BR>DOB-: 19/01/1976<BR>Passport No.-: E0602060<BR>SUMMARY:<BR><BR>I have 3 years of experience in the IT industry. I have been working in various technologies like Scripting Languages, Databases. I am also very well versed with working on Multi-tier Internet & Intranet Applications. I possess excellent communication & interpersonal skills. I have actively performed the Role of a Team Leader. Currently I am exploring & studying ASP.NET for a new portal.<BR><BR>EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS:<BR><BR>· CDAC from ACTS, Bangalore.<BR>· ‘O’ Level from DOEACC<BR>· Bachelor of Commerce<BR><BR>SKILLS:<BR>Operating Systems : Win NT<BR>Markup Languages : JavaScript, VB Script and HTML, Cold Fusion<BR>Languages : Java -2, C, C++<BR>RDBMS : SQL Server 7.0<BR>Development Tools : Visual Interdev, Visual Studio.NET<BR>Advanced Technologies : ASP, ASP.NET<BR>Web Servers : IIS 4.0,IIS 5.0, PWS<BR><BR>Experience: Working as a Software Engineer in Compucom Software Limited, Jaipur<BR>Projects Details:<BR>Project #1<BR>Title Lokjumbish Portal<BR>Duration Oct 2001 – Nov 2001<BR>Client Govt. of Rajasthan <BR>Description The proposed system is developed to store, process and analysis the data collected by the ‘Rajiv Gandhi Prarambhik Siksha & Saksharta Mission’. This system is able to accept the data collected through enumerators and field workers from all over Rajasthan comprising of 32 districts. This data would be stored and analyzed to generate customized reports for the purpose of analysis and future decision-making by the Rajasthan Government. <BR>Contribution Involved in designing and coding for the web pages for user creation <BR>and data entry form (known as prapatra3) and reports.<BR>Environment ASP, HTML, Java Script, SQL Server7.0<BR><BR><BR>Project #2:<BR>Title Rajasthan Online portal<BR>Duration Jul 2002-Till Date<BR>Client Compucom Software Limited<BR>Description Proposed System is being considered to cater the people of Rajasthan the information and other facilities to run their businesses daily life smoothly and efficiently. Proposed software is basically a portal related to exchange of information about the businesses, people on the basis of certain input parameters. At present there is no such resource center which could provide comprehensive information about people, businesses etc.<BR>Moreover the proposed system also intends to connect people of Rajasthan through a web based online chat system, cheap accessibility and valued features of online chat system sets it far ahead then other means of communication, key feature being many people can discuss /talk in at the same time in a single window.<BR>An online Auction System is also intended to be included in the proposed system, to eliminate the role of agents who charge enormous amounts for nothings. Thus, through this particular module both the auctioneer and the buyer can sell/buy the new/old products.<BR>Other facilities to the user include upload and display of classifieds, matrimonial. Further, extra utilities and facilities like online poll, news ticker, stocks information, kids corner, search map shall be included in the software from time to time.<BR>Contribution As a team member I am involved in the development of modules like Rajasthan Business Directory, Auction House and MySpace.<BR>Presently I am working on business directory of major cities of Rajasthan <BR>Environment ASP. Net, HTML, Java Script, SQL Server 2000, IIS 5.0, VB. Net<BR><BR><BR>Project #3:<BR><BR>Title Inventory Automation System<BR>Duration Jan 2001-Oct 2001<BR>Client Jaipur Ball bearing Ltd. <BR>Description The system aims at providing solution a complete internet-base solution of Inventory Control to the different branches of the concerned organization. The system facilitates on-line requesting of the consumables and assets by different branches situated all over Rajasthan, The purchase and account department will be facilitated with up-to-date information required for the proper functioning .The system will also provide reports required by management for reflecting various trends. <BR>Contribution As a team leader I was involved in the designing and analysis of the <BR>system.<BR>Environment ASP, HTML, Java Script, SQL Server 7.0, IIS<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Project #4<BR><BR>Title Compucom’s I N T R A N E T<BR>Duration Nov 2001 – Jul 2002<BR>Client Compucom Software Limited<BR>Description I N T R A N E T System is an automated project monitoring system. It is useful in both project management as well as employee management. It is developed according to the ISO 9001 specifications. Project progress is maintained as per the Project Plan scheduled at the time of birth of the project. Work can be assigned to the Team members and they have to feed the Daily progress report. System generates different project related reports and employee work reports. It also consists of a message board where any member can put messages on different topics. A new version is soon due to be launched with certain extra modules for the facility of employees.<BR>Contribution As a team member I was involved in creating modules for photo gallery and knowledge bank and leave & attendance modules. These modules cover the operations like uploading the images, displaying images, deleting images, etc. The knowledge bank module involves task like posting articles, deleting articles etc. The leave modules facilitate the client with leave application form, leave cancellation form, month-end calculation of working days, leave grant module, daily attendance module.<BR>Environment ASP, Cold Fusion 4.5, JavaScript, HTML, SQL Server, IIS, Windows NT, Data Architect, Cold Fusion Studio.<BR><BR><BR>Project #5<BR>Title HR Management System<BR>Duration Oct 2000- Jan 2001<BR>Client Symbiosis Consultancy Ltd.<BR>Description This portal is designed for Symbiosis Consultant Ltd. and its sister concerns. The portal aims at maintaining database of employees with their respective skill set and their personal profile.<BR>It has an extensive search engine, which allows the recruiters to search for particular employee skill set or its personal profiles.<BR>The consultancy can also upload job-seekers photograph.<BR>Contribution Designing & Coding for Employee Personal Profile Form <BR>Implementation and coding of Search Engine<BR>Environment ASP, Java Script, HTML, MS SQL-Server 7.0<BR><BR>Project #6<BR>Title Web Training Portal<BR>Duration Mar 2000 - Oct 2000<BR>Client Compucom Software Limited<BR>Description The main function of this system is to develop complete solution for Internet based computer education followed by online examination and certification. The visitor of the site shall be allowed to browse freely to come to know about various features, facilities and courses offered with possible opportunities available in IT. Appropriate functions are developed to record the visitors as well as registered users information in the database.<BR>Contribution Designing and developing web pages for registering users information., updating profile.<BR> Developing web page for storing his feedback<BR>Environment ASP, HTML, Java Script, Oracle 8i<BR><BR>Project #7<BR>Title Online City Information System <BR>Duration Dec 1999 - Feb 2000<BR>Description It is a web based application, where in the information regarding a city is given <BR> online. General information about the city such as tourist places, Educational <BR> institutions, Health Centers, Historical Places and many others. The site gives the <BR> visitor the opportunity to search the site for the specific information that he is<BR> looking for and provides links to some other good sites which he might refer to get <BR> some additional information. The site gives the provision of shop owners to advertise <BR> their shop on the site and provide the user the information about the shops as well.<BR>Contribution As a Team Member I was responsible in building the site from scratch. I have to <BR>design and develop web pages for fetching data from backend. I have to design and <BR>develop web pages for storing user information I designed the database for the project.<BR>Environment ASP, Java Script, HTML, Oracle8i, VB6<BR>Permanent & <BR>Present Address: 38/63, Kiran Path, Mansarovar,<BR> Jaipur-302020.<BR> Rajasthan.<BR>India<BR>Phone No.(Res.) : 91-141-2393215<BR>