Hi! Thanks for all the help on my previous questions. Hope someone can help me with this one.<BR><BR>I use the aspx controll Calendar. And a have two senarios that I need help with. I´m using the controll for selecting date in a bookingprogram where customers should be able to make bookings for a whole week, not for single days, so I could benefit from a calendar that has whole weeks that can be clicked but not has clickable days. <BR>The property SelectionMode only has the attributes Day, DayWeek, DayWeekMonth and None. I would like to have use an attribute called Week but there isn´t such an attribute. The attribute DayWeek makes weeks that can be clicked an probably used some way, but the problem is that you can still click on single days. If that isn´t possible i would like to lock every day in a week except for a certain day (eg saturday), but how do I lock the rest of the day in the week?<BR><BR>Any suggestions? <BR><BR>All hints would be appreciated. If it´s impossible to get this feature in VB.net I might go for another solution such as a calendar made some other way (Javascript?), so I´m interested in such ideas as well. <BR>Thanks in advance! <BR><BR>Micke