hi guys, <BR><BR> the following is the setup in my office <BR><BR> sqlserver 2000 - m/c name "dbSQL" <BR> iis/aspx files - web server <BR> iis/aspx files - m/c name &#039;rajcomp" my computer <BR><BR> i am using asp.net and sql server 2000 as database. i have an web applicatin developed in asp.net running in webserver. SQL server 2000 is installed in "dbSQL" machine. <BR><BR> When i try to insert from the web server application(running in webserver). i can able to insert record in sql server 2000 fine. but when i try to access a specific table it is giving the error "SQL Server does not exist or access denied. " <BR> <BR> I have the same copy of web application in my machine "rajcomp" when i run the applicaion in my machine by changing the connectstring it is working fine. <BR><BR> I am getting this error only if i try to access some tables from the application running in web server. can any one clarify my doubt. <BR><BR>urgent pl. <BR><BR>thanks in advance <BR>raj