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    Hello,<BR><BR>I am a developer who used to work with ASP quite a bit. Because of an employer I have been using JAVA and ColdFusion for the last couple of years. Now I want to get back into ASP.NET and am wondering should I focus on VB.NET or C#. I have JAVA OO, and VB experience so it is not really a question of difficulty but rather what works best in "real world" situations. An example of this would be J2EE can be a great enterprise solution, but for most small to medium size clients I would not recommend it because it is over kill for their needs and will take longer to develop. <BR><BR>I would love to hear any suggestions from you who are experienced in ASP.NET.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Rick

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    It is really just a question of preference.<BR>But if you are comfortable with c/jave style code go with c#.<BR>

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