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    Hi<BR>How do I write the code for 2 where statements but i dont want them to mean AND, if you see what i mean..<BR><BR>basically i want to say WHERE stock&#062;0 and newproduct=no <BR>I want it to bring back all products in stock but no newproducts.<BR>NOT<BR>only all products that are in stock and that arent new..do you see?<BR>thanks alot.

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    .. sounds similar to me !!!<BR><BR>if newproduct is yes or no then your queries are equivalent<BR><BR><BR>WHERE stock&#062;0 and newproduct=no <BR> =<BR>all products in stock but no newproducts.<BR><BR>do you need to &#039; around newproduct (depending on your datatypes)<BR><BR>WHERE stock&#062;0 and newproduct=&#039;no&#039; <BR><BR><BR>??<BR><BR>jon..<BR>

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