For some time I have been trying to sort this out with no luck.<BR><BR>An ASP send SQL select to a Jet 4 (Access 2000) database to search through a few memo fields. Most of the time this returns results in under 2 seconds of processor time. After a while (&#039;while&#039; is random from 1 minute to many days), this query starts to take 20 to 120 seconds. The processor isn&#039;t busy (2%) and the memory is under utilised (200MB used - 512MB installed)<BR><BR>The system configuration is up to date - WinNT 4.0 SP6a, MDAC 2.7 Jet 4 SP6.<BR><BR>I have copied the whole site to two other networks without this problem. Although these sites are simply tests, so no real work is being done.<BR><BR>The system load is very light all the time. Two or three people update the database through ASPs a few times a day, and the same people search it.<BR><BR>MS-Access is installed on the server(I want to take it off to see if that is causing the problem)<BR><BR>It is as if everything runs fine until someone does something different that then causes maybe a locking problem.<BR><BR>Once rebooted, the problem usually goes away.<BR><BR>Any suggestions on where to look, tools to use to get more information etc are gratefully received.<BR><BR>Regards<BR><BR>Neil