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    Default running .exe within asp

    set objScript = Server.CreateObject("Wscript.Shell") <BR> "c:inetpubwwwrootmySitedummy.exe" <BR>set objscript = nothing <BR><BR>this snippet is located in my asp page, what im trying to do is to run dummy.exe on my web server. <BR>i configured the server&#039;s mysite folder to allow "iusr" user to be able to read and execute. <BR>I encountered no errors however, dummy.exe(has gui made in vb) doesn&#039;t pop up on screen, unlike when you locally start it. it runs because it shows on task manager but does nothing. <BR><BR>how do i go about this problem? <BR><BR>thanks in advance

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    Default Can you run it from a vbs file? <eom>


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    Default THINK about it...

    If you were on a shared hosting site and popped up a window on the system console, the sysadmin would throw your site off his machine so fast the bits would fall off!<BR><BR>And if you have an ASP page like this on your own server, how would you like it if 372 people found the URL and popped up console windows for you...all in the first 27 minutes the site went live?<BR><BR>In general, you can NOT launch an application that "pops up a window" (even a DOS window) from a *server side* ASP script.<BR><BR>There *MIGHT* be a setting in Wscript.Shell to allow this. Check the docs. <BR><BR>But WHY would you NEED OR WANT to do this????<BR><BR>If you are running the browser on the same machine as the server, then why not just launch the app "by hand"? It accomplishes 100% the same thing.<BR><BR>

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