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    paul howell Guest

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    is anyone using the new transfer and/or execute method of the server object? it does NOT allow querystrings to be passed as part of the url, so how do i pass data to the next page i am transferring to?<BR><BR>thanks

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    Ed Guest

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    The ObjectContext is transferred... so, if you do this:<BR><BR>Page1.asp:<BR>----------<BR>Server.Transfer("Page2.asp")<BR><BR>and Page2.asp:<BR>--------------<BR>Response.Write Request("test")<BR><BR>and Page1.asp is called like: http://localhost/Page1.asp?test=hello<BR><BR>then Page2.asp will output the correct value for Request("test"), that is, "Hello", since the Request object is passed along.

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    The page you transfer to or execute will run in the same context, so if you set values, they will be available in the t/e page

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