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Thread: Differences between PWS and IIS

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    I am developing an access database driven web site using PWS, and it works perfectly when run from the PWS. However, i&#039m afraid that when I upload it to IIS minor differences will destroy much of the delicate programming and DSN&#039less connections.<BR><BR>So this is the query: are there ANY differences in how PWS and IIS interpret ASP, or run it? Will soemthing run on PWS but not IIS???<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Stuart

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    you should have no problem going from PWS to IIS, there are some issues when scripts run on IIS and porting them to PWS, you also develope COM components a bit differently for PWS and IIS. But you should have no problems the route you are going....Also if you want to test it out to make sure...go to a site like ewebcity.com and they have free .asp sites with an access database. Their systems are all running IIS so you could temporarly put your stuff their to test.<BR><BR>Hope that helps

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