Doesnt check my password correctly

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Thread: Doesnt check my password correctly

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    Default Doesnt check my password correctly

    this code checks the Login id but doesnt chk my password even though its correct(including case sensitive letters)<BR>Below is my code<BR><BR><BR>set rs = server.createobject ("ADODB.recordset") <BR> <BR> &#039;Open record with entered username<BR> rs.Open "SELECT * FROM s_Info where s_Loginid=&#039;"& Username &"&#039;", conn, 1 <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> &#039;If there is no record with the entered username, close connection<BR> &#039;and go back to login with QueryString<BR> If rs.recordcount = 0 then<BR> rs.close<BR> conn.close<BR> set rs=nothing<BR> set conn=nothing<BR> Response.Redirect("studentlogin.asp?login=passfail ed&Why=NoRecords")<BR> end if<BR> <BR> &#039;If entered password is right, close connection and open mainpage<BR> if rs("s_Pass") = Password then<BR><BR> <BR> Session("name") = rs("s_Fname")<BR>Response.Redirect(" p")<BR> rs.Close<BR> conn.Close<BR> set rs=nothing<BR> set conn=nothing<BR> <BR> &#039;If entered password is wrong, close connection and return to login with QueryString<BR> else<BR> Response.Redirect("studentlogin.asp?login=passfail ed&Why=NoPassMatch")<BR> rs.Close<BR> conn.Close<BR> set rs=nothing<BR> set conn=nothing<BR><BR> <BR> end if <BR><BR><BR>I have provided system DSN-Connection and it gets connected to database too ..<BR>Pls reply soon <BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    Default CROSSPOST <eop>


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