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Thread: rs.Fields(field) vs. action query

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    I have a question:<BR><BR>In terms of performance which is better to use:<BR><BR>1. rs.Fields(field) = assignVariable <BR> rs.update<BR><BR>or <BR><BR>2. rs.execute ("Update Table set field = &#039" &assignVariable "&#039)<BR><BR>In #1 is there any database interaction and then update issues commit? Can anyone explain the true process of #1 and how it interacts with database?

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    The second method you indicated tends to be the "Leaner" method for performing actions that do not require the return of a recordset. This can be further cut down by using the ADO adExecuteNoRecords option to completely remove the return of a recordset.<BR><BR>e.g.:<BR><BR>ado_conConnection.E xecute "INSERT INTO tblTEST VALUES (1,2,&#039test&#039)",,adExecuteNoRecords<BR><BR>H ope this helps,<BR><BR>Jesse

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