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    Hi everyone,<BR><BR>My ASP application is almost ready to go, and so I&#039;ve been spending some time stress testing it on my development server. Although most of the pages are fine, there are a couple of ones which require a large amount of data processing, and as expected these are the ones with the slowest time to first byte recorded in the stress tests.<BR><BR>Typically, these pages are showing mean time to first byte of around 85ms, with a couple of requests approaching 200ms, in a simulation of the typical stress levels I expect them to recieve. As I don&#039;t have any data to benchmark this against, I&#039;m not sure if they are performing well, or poorly.<BR><BR>The reason I am concerned is eventually my site will be operating on a shared server at my hosting company, who are (rightfully) very concerned by slow scripts which could potentially impede access to other customer&#039;s sites hosted on the same machine. The last thing I want is for my site to be pulled off the net for eating too much processor time.<BR><BR>So, could anyone tell me if the response times mentioned above are reasonably for a shared hosting environment, or should I be looking at finding ways to make the scripts run more efficiently? Bear in mind that the tests above we carried out on a Pentium 500 MHz processor, and I expect that the servers at my web host are considerably faster than this... I am anticipating fairly low usage, possibly 2 or 3 page requests per second at very maximum.<BR><BR>Many thanks (in advance) for your advice, and sorry for the length of this post!<BR><BR>Sam Jackson

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    200Ms isn&#039;t _that_ bad. it&#039;s OK.

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