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Thread: asp - DB2 on mainframe - performance issues

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    We are developing our web application (not business critical so far) using ASP and DB2 database on mainframe. All the business critical applications are developed on CICS on mainframe. Now, our management see the need to move into the web for some of the business applications. But we are getting strong opposition from database group. DB2 administrator is saying that he cann&#039;t give any guarantee for DB2 performance if we start building business critical applications. <BR><BR>His point is "for all mainframe CICS applications, there is a package & plan created while compiling which defines access path to the queries. Because of the query execution performance is high and speed of response is high." If we develop web applications, for each query, plan and package are dynamically created which decreased the performance a lot. Because of that reason, they don&#039;t want to develop web applications using ASP. They want to build CICS applications on the mainframe and access them through web using COMTI or some other technology using JAVA connectors, etc..<BR>------ story ends----------<BR><BR>Now, my question is "Is there any way to increase the performance of DB2 for web applications?" How everybody is dealing with this kind of situations? Do you guys have any problems like this at your shops? What are the possible solutions to this problem? Can we assign more DB2 resources to the web calls so that it increases the performance? I have very little experience in these issues. Thank you very much for your help..JY<BR>

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    Default Similar here!

    We have a similar problem here, but as the "web" is only display and we only need an approx "view" (mainly) of the database what we do is upload to a server then DTS to SQL Server which is used for the web pages. then "download" to files for the DB2 guys to upload into the Mainframe. <BR>This solution keeps the DB2 guys happy( they maintain control of data) and gives us a good response on the WEB too.

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