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    i am using a datagrid edit/delete my table info... and it works great for most all tables.<BR><BR>But, one table has about 20 fields that need to updating. It wouldn&#039;t appear to me that the datagrid would be the best solution here and wonder if there are alternatives.

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    Default master/detail pages

    you can have the output table that summarizes all the records on a master page that only has a few columns, including a link to a detail page that displays all the 20 fields vertically in their own unique form.<BR><BR>perhaps there is a way to do this with the datagrid control.<BR><BR>i have not found that way yet, and would be glad to learn it from you if you find it.<BR><BR>but in the meantime, i find the solution by using the repeater control instead of the datagrid control. i have the repeater control make a master table for me on one page, and each line in the master table includes a link to the detail page which uses a separate detailed form for each record.<BR><BR>to do this, you also need to learn;s way of coding sql statements for insert and update commands, but that is simple enough. all the work is done with the command object&#039;s methods. an example is in another reply i made to someone else&#039;s post today about update commands in<BR><BR>oh, and for that matter, another example of the command object is in the posting for the problem i am currently working on. your help would be appreciated if you see the solution, and it will help you at least to read and see how you would need to use the command objectin your own code<BR><BR>

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