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    This is what my boss wants for a Search:<BR>--- MAIN PAGE ---<BR>[DROPDOWN LIST] {This list is a list of Cities}<BR>...<BR>LINK1 LINK2 LINK3<BR>LINK4 LINK5 LINK6<BR>{These are general &#060;a href&#062;HTML&#060;/a&#062; Links}<BR>- Now what he needs is, For example a user clicks on &#039New York&#039<BR>from the DropDown List, and clicks one of the Hyperlinks suchs<BR>as &#039Lawyers&#039 ... A list will be displayed that lists Lawyers<BR>in New York. <BR><BR>I hope I used a good example?<BR>Any help would be great!!!!! I&#039m new to ASP as it was dumped<BR>on me... Which I&#039m NOW GLAD !!! Help!! Thanks in Advance.<BR>

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    So for each category (lawyers), you will have a unique hyperlink?<BR>Which I guess you could produce dynamically from the database.<BR><BR>I would do it something like this.<BR><BR>In the database, have a table that stores the values of the cities, and another that holds the values of the categories (ie lawyers, doctors, etc.)<BR><BR>Then, build dynamic select lists from these two tables. Then the user selects the city and category, and clicks submit, which takes it to one page, which takes the city and category from the submitted form, and does the search. This would allow the categories and cities to grow thus allowing more search capability. <BR><BR>IE.<BR><BR>SELECT fieldname(s) FROM tablename(s) WHERE cityfield = &#039" & request("cityfield") & "&#039 AND category = &#039" & request("category") & "&#039 "<BR><BR>If he is really set on the hyperlink thing, I am sure you could basically do the same thing, only you are going to have to have a onClick event of the HREF, which then submits the form, and based on what category the click was on, pass that as the category.<BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Jerry

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