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    A few things... is not anymore, but that&#039;s my favorite website, damnit.<BR><BR>i can finally consider it cold in PA now... today was the first morning where i had frost on my windows... it was probably 25 degrees (F) at its coldest. i saw the ISS as clear as day. it was the only "star" out at 6:20 this morning. that was pretty cool.<BR><BR>drinking is fun. DG, anything brewin&#039; in your basement? hehe

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    Default No brewing yet

    Maybe over the holidays, hopefully... been backed up designing my built in BBQ in the backyard (I want a fridge, CD/Stereo, grill, bar, and electricity)<BR><BR>Cold... hmmm. It&#039;s getting cold here as well. Went down to 50 last night :)

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    I prefer cold that what we just had 1 day ago!<BR><BR>30 cm of snow :)<BR><BR>Try getting to work with summer tires!

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