Anybody seen this? VB kills IIS...

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Thread: Anybody seen this? VB kills IIS...

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    Jason Miller Guest

    Default Anybody seen this? VB kills IIS...

    Okay, this one has me a tad bit worried...<BR><BR>I&#039ve got a VB component I&#039ve been working on for a couple of weeks. As of late yesterday, it has begun stopping IIS (as in IIS sees it loaded in a ASP and drops dead) whenever I go to use it.<BR><BR>No error messages are generated during the Make process.<BR>No events are generated when IIS dies.<BR>I have reinstalled IIS and reMaked the component.<BR>I stopped IIS and unregistered the component to test the asp.dll (it worked as expected -- create object failure).<BR>I stopped IIS and reregistered the component. Now the WWW Publishing Service won&#039t start claiming that "the dependency service or group didn&#039t start" -- though it says that IIS Admin is started...<BR><BR>I expect that this is all my fault; anybody have any ideas as to how?

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    Jason Miller Guest

    Default Now getting an Error...

    It says "Out of Stack Space"<BR><BR>Anybody who actually intends/ed to do programming for a living want to tell me what to be looking for? (VB6, happens on initialization.)

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    Jason Miller Guest

    Default Sort of Resolved...

    It appears to have been caused by a property which validated the existence of a directory. I&#039m not sure *how* that killed anything, but when I disabled it, the app started working again.

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    Jason Miller Guest

    Default So simple it hurts...

    Just a reminder to all of you VB coders (yes, you can smirk at me now) -- a property routine sets a private variable, not itself (as a function would).<BR><BR>public property let bob(subgenius as variant)<BR>&#039 This will crash in varying degrees.<BR> bob = subgenius<BR>&#039 This is correct.<BR> bobDobbs = subgenius<BR>end property

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