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    I am having an occasional problem with my email forms and believe it might have something to do with the mail server.<BR><BR>I am being told that, on occasion there is no response when hitting the submit button on the form. There is no error being generated from the try/catch block. When testing the form, I was only able to reproduce the problem once, then it started working again. For the most part the forms work just fine.<BR><BR>What if anything should I check on the mail server?

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    Here is an idea for you.<BR><BR>2 users come to the page and send an email within 2 seconds from each other. The SMTP server takes the first one and considers the second one spam. Too many connection from the same host at the same time or too soon.<BR>i&#039;ve seen this happen before.<BR>Depending on how your error trapping is setup this portion migh not even show any errors.

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