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    I&#039;d like to know how to best design a large content-based web site. Rather than creating an asp.net page for every single article on my site i&#039;d like to display the content dynamically. An example I&#039;d like to follow in the footsteps of is a page such as :<BR>http://www.dotnetjunkies.com/tutorials.aspx?tutorialid=600<BR><BR>Each article in the above site has an id allocated to it, and so just one asp.net page can render every article as appropriate.<BR><BR>My question is, what is the best way to do this?<BR><BR>Should the articles be stored as XML files, and then use XSLT to transform them into HTML within an ASP.net page? Or perhaps mark-up the articles in HTML and then throw the whole marked-up article into a database field? Or another way?<BR><BR>I&#039;m using ASP.net, so if there&#039;s a newer/better way of doing this than in classic ASP, I&#039;d appreciate your comments.<BR><BR>Many Thanks,<BR><BR>Ian.

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    i do what you are talking about by storing the data in a sql server database and calling each record up using ado.net. the concept is similar to asp, but the code for managing it is simpler.<BR><BR>also, in asp.net, you can create an object to do all the work for you and then call that object from all the many pages so that you get the benefits of a unique url without the cost of writing redundant code for every page. this can also be accomplised with an ascx file that stores a page element as a user-defined control.<BR><BR>your xml idea would work, but then you have performance issues if the xml file gets big or there is a lot of traffic.<BR><BR>you can get around performance issues in any of these options by caching elements of the site. you can cache entire aspx pages, individual ascx controls, or even individual datasets in ado.net<BR><BR>i hope this is helpful. if it is, please consider helping me with my problem of trying to store email message template formatting information in sql server through ado.net. my posting is a few below yours on the tree. i posted it last nite and have not gotten any responses yet

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