Hi,<BR>I am retrieving userid and fullname from active directory <BR>using Winnt provider thru vb.net. I am looping thru all <BR>users and want to check if they are in a particular <BR>group "Managers" which I have created.<BR>I am using DirectoryServices namespace. <BR>How do i do that?<BR><BR>What I am doing is:---------<BR>for each child in directoryentry.children<BR><BR>select case child.schemaclassname<BR>case "User :<BR>struserid= child.name<BR>strfullname=ctype(child.properties(" FullName")(0),string)<BR><BR>end select<BR><BR>next<BR>I tried <BR>if ctype(child.properties("memberOf")(0),string)="Net test2/Managers" then<BR><BR>blah..blah<BR>end if<BR>but it gives error at that step.<BR><BR><BR>