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    I am making a 12 level Multi level marketing kind of website. <BR>I made a access db with the following fields<BR><BR><BR>id &nbsp; &nbsp;name&nbsp;&nbsp;level&nbsp; &nbsp;under <BR>1 &nbsp; &nbsp;brij&nbsp; &nbsp;1&nbsp; &nbsp;0<BR>2 &nbsp; &nbsp;brij1&nbsp; &nbsp;2&nbsp; &nbsp;1<BR>3 &nbsp; &nbsp;brij2&nbsp; &nbsp;3&nbsp; &nbsp;2<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Each user i add i add with it the level he is in and under which userid he has registered under. the flow is working fine i.e i display the users in level 1, 2 and so on . Now i am stuck here ....i want to display all the users under level1 (i.e brij is level1 and brij1 is under brij and brij2 is under brij1) so the total count is 2 in level 1 and 1 in level2 . How to pass a query or do i have to change the db design<BR><BR>phew!! i hope ppl understood my question<BR>brij <BR><BR>

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    Default It's *EXACTLY* the same...

    ...as creating the display for a forum, like this one.<BR><BR>You might want to start with the article by Scott on www.4GuysFromRolla.com for October 12, 2002.<BR><BR>

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