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    Is there really any difference with the SQL INSERT INTO and SELECT FROM commands in Oracle, Access, and SQL Server. Correct me if I am wrong, but for most WEB apps those are the SQL commands that would be used. Most data issues like verification, and data integrity can be done using VBScript before reading or writing to the database(?). If there are differences, let me know. I am thinking it would be very easy to switch databases by just using a different DSN and not have to re-code anything. the way I think things could be done is to use the INPUT and SELECT statements to make contact with the database, but use VBScript of manipulation of the data, rather than using SQL.

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    There are some differences between the three and it all has to do with their database engines. Having not worked with oracle I cannot speak for it, but for SQLserver and ACCESS the SQL is often slightly different. For instance, in Access the wildcard is a *, but on SQLserver it is a %. There are more differences then just this one. If you do plan to move to another db it would be a good idea to get a couple books and read up on the specific differences in SQL between your current db and your proposed db.

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