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    I&#039;ve seen many tutorials on how the DataGrid has the paging ability built into it. Unfortunatly, the DataGrid isn&#039;t as customizable as I need it to be (graphicly speaking). <BR>Needless to say I&#039;m pretty much forced to use the datalist control (unless there&#039;s a &#060;ItemTemplate&#062; tag in datagrid I&#039;m not aware of).<BR><BR>With that in mind, how would I go about paging records in the DataList control?<BR><BR>Anyone? Beuller?

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    I have the same issue with the data repeater. From what I have read, there is no built in paging as there is with the DataGrid.<BR><BR>Try for the old fashioned way of paging. There are some examples of using a database and stored proc. for this.<BR><BR>Good Luck!<BR><BR> - JM

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