Dear All,Salam,<BR>when I want to upadate a Blob filed with ntext data type with some Unicode Data with encoding UTF-8 in asp,I get an Unknown runtime error <BR><BR>*************************************<BR>E rror Type:<BR>Provider (0x800A4005)<BR>Unknown runtime error<BR>/update/index.asp, line 104<BR><BR>Page:<BR>POST 423336 bytes to /update/index.asp<BR>************************************* <BR><BR>I think this error probably related to capacity of this field Because when I update this filed with capacity lower than 423336(Postede Bytes) there is no error and all things are correct.I think I have an mistake in my DataBase Design or maybe have another reason...<BR><BR>can any one inform me how can I to solve this problme?<BR><BR>Thanks In Advanced<BR>Mohammad<BR>