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    Hello all,<BR> I am trying to interogate some XML output that has been produced by somebody else&#039;s ASP code. Basically this is what&#039;s going on;<BR>* I query a database using an API, this API is written using ASP and it returns XML output to the browser. If I view the soure it&#039;s in XML, however the title bar of the output remains as the initial API query (i.e no mention of XML - I have no control over this part of the process)<BR>* I would like to draw from this XML all users, for example, in a given department (using SQL,) and then go on and interogate another database for further details on these people. (I have much more control of this part of the process) So far so good.<BR>* My query is this. How can I now query this data, as I can&#039;t refer to it as .xml. I have tried to think about how I could save this file as an .xml to my server space - for future interogation (this would be good as the data accessed by the API does not change regularly). I have also tried using a line such as the one shown below, after setting up a Microsoft.XMLHTTP server side object;<BR><BR>xml.Open "GET", "http://database/databaseAPI/query.asp", False<BR><BR>However this is not successful, as when I carry out a response.write there is nothing there!?!<BR><BR>My colleague, who exists purely to annoy me states that there is no way of getting around this. But surely somebody out there can offer some advice??<BR>Thanks in advance<BR>P Champkin.<BR>

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    hi<BR>i think you need the services of bill. i would love to help, but alas, if u read my post, youd see that i would probably make matters worse!!!!

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