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    Bharath Kandasamy Guest

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    *<BR><BR>I am using two frames(top and bottom) inside a frameset in my main html page. When I resize the window, I find that the bottom frame overlaps or at times even completely hides my top frame. In fact, I have used "width" and "height" options in &#060;TABLE&#062; tags(that occurs within frames) as "%" and "rows" option within my &#060;FRAMESET&#062; as "25%,*" instead of pixels. Even this doesn&#039t work. Can you please suggest some remedies for this?<BR><BR>Also, I would like to whether we can target some html/asp pages within cells of a table i.e. within &#060;TD&#062;?

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    JOEL M Guest

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    what you should probably be adding to the pages is the -noresize- attribute for the frame tag and you should stick with the pixel sizing for frames that shouldn&#039t be resized instead of the % because the pixel sizing will provide a fixed size to go by.<BR>below I&#039ve provided the html for my site:<BR><BR>where the effect your looking for works just fine<BR><BR>&#060;frameset rows="45,*" border=0 frameborder=0&#062;<BR>&#060;frame name="navbar" src="nav.html" noresize scrolling=no&#062;<BR>&#060;frame name="main" src="scifi.html" scrolling=auto&#062;<BR>&#060;/frameset&#062;

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