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Thread: Strange problem with "select distinct"...

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    Default Strange problem with "select distinct"...

    Hi,<BR><BR>Ashort time ago Bill told me (as response to one of my question) that I should use Select Distinct to display only one record (from several identical records).<BR><BR>Now I see a strange behaviour of this Distinct (well, maybe strange for me because I don&#039;t know what is the cause).<BR><BR>When I&#039;m using it offline it works OK.<BR>When I put that script online it doesn&#039;t work!<BR><BR>It&#039;s a search script (offline founds what it needs to find but online always return me No records found).<BR><BR>On the local computer I&#039;m using PWS 4.0 on Win98 (database is Access 2000)<BR>On the online server I&#039;m using IIS 5.0 on Win 2000 Server(database is the same Access 2000).<BR><BR>This is my SQL statement with Distinct:<BR>---------<BR><BR>sqlq = "select distinct products.productid, products.Nr, products.Author, products.Title, products.Subtitle, products.Sonder, products.Price, products.Old_price,products.FilePath,products.not_ shown FROM products INNER JOIN links ON products.productid = links.product_id where not_shown=0 and (Nr like &#039;%" & search & "%&#039; or Author like &#039;%" & search & "%&#039; or Title like &#039;%" & search & "%&#039; or Subtitle like &#039;%" & search & "%&#039;) order by Nr asc"<BR>------------<BR><BR>What could be the problem?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Mircea<BR>

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    Default So take out the DISTINCT...

    ...and show us all the records you get from that. That is, just dump the data out. (You can use that DUMP code I put in the ASPFAQs, if you want.)<BR><BR>*THEN* let&#039;s see if we can figure out why DISTINCT is messing up.<BR><BR>

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