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Thread: Asps not working from a accessed from different ma

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    Default Asps not working from a accessed from different ma

    Hi All,<BR><BR> I am running the business objects reports(ActiveX.exe) using ASP and VB components. I am using integrated windows authentication for user access. When I run the Asps from the Server it works fine. <BR>When I run it from a different machine. It gives me a error.<BR>"Object or with block variable not set". Basically BusinesssObjects (Reporting tools) object is not created.<BR><BR>1st Option I tried.<BR>Made the Anonymous login checked. And gave the administrator login as the user. Everything works fine.<BR>If I give some other user as anonymous access user, then also it works fine. But the same user is not able to access it through LAN.<BR><BR>2nd Option I tried.<BR>Again made integrated windows login. Put the components into Componennt services. Made it a server package and gave the Administrator user to run the package.<BR>This is working on one machine and not on another machinme..<BR><BR>I am really not able to find out where the problem is...<BR><BR>Thanks for all ur answers.<BR>Madhukar Hebbar M<BR><BR>

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    Default Show the code...

    ...where you create the object.<BR><BR>And show the *ENTIRE* error message. Every part of it.<BR><BR>

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