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    Rob Buttrose Guest

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    This is not an advanced matter, but still a problem for me. I am trying to find the Collaborative Data Object (for email) on the The NT option Pack 4 CD. I can find no reference to SMTP as per the doc on this site. Any ideas appreciated.

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    Hello! You&#039ll find an informative article on using CDO at:<BR><BR><BR>To install the SMTP piece from the Option Pack (keeping in mind you need to be installing this on *NT SERVER*), it&#039s under Internet Information Server (IIS), and is called SMTP Service. Make sure that is checked, and CDONTS.DLL, the CDO DLL, will be installed, as well as the SMTP Service

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    Rob Buttrose Guest

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    Thanx Scott. I got NT Workstation running Peer Web Sevices,which is almost IIS, but obviously not quite. I don&#039t think SMTP is available in this configuration. Anyone know what else I can use as a mailer?<BR><BR>Cheers

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