Hi!<BR><BR>Here&#039;s my logic:<BR><BR>If the user visit the page first time <BR>then create cookies<BR>else retrieve the cookies and add count by one.<BR><BR>Cookie file shows it works to create new cookies; but when I visit the page again, the cookie file disappears. Debugger showed the increasement of count, but it didn&#039;t update the cookie file. <BR><BR>Here is my code segment:<BR><BR> If Request.Cookies("Contact") Is Nothing Then &#039;create cookie<BR> Dim myCookie As New HttpCookie("Contact")<BR> myCookie.Values.Add("user", "Doe")<BR> myCookie.Values.Add("visitCount", "1") &#039; Set to 1 for first time visit<BR> myCookie.Values.Add("visitDate", CStr(Today))<BR> Response.AppendCookie(myCookie)<BR> &#039;Response.Cookies.Add(myCookie)<BR><BR> Response.Cookies("Contact").Expires = Today.AddDays(30)<BR> Else &#039;Add visitCount by 1 and update the date<BR> Dim myCookie As HttpCookie<BR> myCookie = Request.Cookies("Contact")<BR> Dim tmpvisitCount As Integer = CInt(myCookie("visitCount")) + 1<BR> myCookie.Values.Set("visitCount", CStr(tmpvisitCount))<BR> myCookie.Values.Set("visitDate", CStr(Today))<BR> &#039;Response.Cookies.Set(myCookie)<BR> &#039;Response.AppendCookie(myCookie)<BR> End If<BR><BR>I guess my update is not quite right. Can anyone help me? <BR><BR>Thanks a lot!<BR><BR>Wilson