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    Hi,<BR><BR>I have a web server running Win 2K server/IIS 5.0/MDAC 2.7. This box has service pack 3, as well as all hot fixes from Microsoft as of 11/14/2002.<BR><BR>I&#039;m attempting a dsn-less connection to my sql server portion of the cluster; however I keep getting the error, "SQL Server does not exist or access denied."<BR><BR>1. This web server resides within what our network guys term "the DMZ". They assure me that port 1433 is open through the DMZ, and are at a loss as to why I can&#039;t connect to the SQL Server.<BR><BR>2. I am able to connect to the same SQL Cluster from other web servers we have running; the code is good, the passwords/logins are correct, etc.<BR><BR>3. This web server is not multi-homed.<BR><BR>Does anyone have any ideas as to the cause of this issue? I&#039;m not a network engineer, I develop software, but it has been put on me to resolve this, and I&#039;m at a loss.<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR>

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    Can you ping it?<BR><BR>From command line..<BR>ping server_name

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