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    Hi, I have large data in a text file (about 500 lines) (here is the sample Data: test12eee4334ee390host2001102323testagvaing3456789 01), i am able to read that data and i have to insert that data into an Access Table which will have only one filed. I need help to insert the Data from Text file to an Access Table...

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    You&#039;ll need to go step by step to achieve this:<BR><BR>Step 1)<BR>Open the File and read its content.<BR>(For more information search google.com for FSO or File System Object)<BR><BR>Step 2)<BR>Declare a variable that will hold the content of the file you&#039;ve just read.<BR><BR>Step 3) <BR>Affect the content of the file into that variable in step 2<BR><BR>Step 4)<BR>Create a Connection Object to connect to your database<BR><BR>Step 5)<BR>Make/create your SQL Query to INSERT into your database your variable from step 2<BR><BR><BR>Hope this helps<BR>Sincerely<BR>Vlince

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