I&#039ve got a script that assembles a "mailto:" string that includes subject and body information (e.g. "mailto:someone@somewhere.com,someoneelse@somewher eelse.com?subject=my%20mysubject&body=my%20body%20 text"). I do a response.redirect using the string as the target url and it invokes the email client, placing all the to, subject, & body information in the email form. The user just has to click on send to send the email.<BR><BR>The problem I&#039ve been having is that the thing works fine when the client is using netscape 4.5/4.7 and the netscape email client software. But when the client is using IE/Outlook (or outlook express) I get a "email client not properly installed" error message and the browser then redirects to a "page not found" error page.<BR><BR>I&#039ve been doing more experimenting and found that if I keep the total character count of my "mailto:" string below about 456 characters, it works fine in IE/Outlook??!!! The size of each component (i.e. mailto addresses, subject, or body) doesn&#039t seem to matter so long as the total character count doesn&#039t rise above 456 characters or so. <BR><BR>Any thoughts, ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thanks<BR>jbrewer146@aol.com