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    Good morning Programmers Unite<BR><BR>Just like to say thanks before we start…<BR><BR>I have the following code in Jscript and it’s triggered with an OnFocus event …<BR><BR>//Check box checked <BR>function Check(value) {<BR><BR>c = value <BR><BR>if(c == "Checkbox_Checked") {<BR><BR> bla, bla ,bla….<BR> }<BR><BR>if(c == "Checkbox_UnChecked") {<BR><BR>document.form1.Checkbox_M_1.checked = false;<BR>document.form1.Checkbox_M_2.checked = false;<BR>document.form1.Checkbox_M_3.checked = false;<BR>document.form1.Checkbox_M_4.checked = false;<BR>document.form1.Checkbox_M_5.checked = false;<BR>document.form1.Checkbox_M_6.checked = false;<BR>document.form1.Checkbox_M_7.checked = false;<BR>document.form1.Checkbox_M_8.checked = false;<BR>document.form1.Checkbox_M_9.checked = false;<BR>document.form1.Checkbox_M_10.checked = false;<BR>document.form1.Checkbox_M_11.checked = false;<BR>document.form1.Checkbox_M_12.checked = false;<BR>document.form1.Checkbox_M_13.checked = false;<BR>document.form1.Checkbox_M_14.checked = false;<BR>document.form1.Checkbox_M_15.checked = false;<BR>document.form1.Checkbox_M_16.checked = false;<BR>document.form1.Checkbox_M_17.checked = false;<BR><BR>}<BR> <BR>}<BR><BR>I would like to put the code above in a FOR LOOP to reduce it a bit<BR><BR>for (i = 0; i &#060; 18; i++)<BR><BR>{ <BR>(document.form1.Checkbox_M_+[i]).checked = false; <BR>}<BR><BR>My Question…Is it possible to concatenate a object name and how do I go about doing so.<BR><BR>I have done this a million times in VBScript, but I’m not sure on how this works in Jscript. <BR><BR>Thanks again<BR><BR>L<BR><BR>

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    Default Aint advanced...

    By the way, it may be better to use an onClick event and pass the checkbox object into the function, and use that to check if it&#039;s checked, but hey...<BR><BR><BR>function Check(value){<BR> if(value == "Checkbox_UnChecked"){<BR> for(var i=0; i&#060;18; i++){<BR> document.form1["Checkbox_M_" + i].checked = false;<BR> }<BR> }<BR>}<BR><BR>Craig.

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