Good Reading on Leaky Abstractions

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Thread: Good Reading on Leaky Abstractions

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    Default Good Reading on Leaky Abstractions

    This was on /. today. I highly reccomend you take 5 minutes and read it. very interesting. <BR><BR>

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    Default RE: Good Reading on Leaky Abstractions

    Yeh, read that the other day... a fine piece indeed :-)

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    Default Very nicely done...

    Not that anybody will ever care, but...<BR><BR>One of the things I once helped with was a *different* abstraction on top of IP. Instead of insisting that all the packets arrive in order, we basically allowed *any* order. And if too long passed while waiting for a given packet, we asked for its "twin", just as TCP does. As a file sending protocol, it rocked. Part of each packet was the offset of the packet in the file and the length of the data. So we just reassembled the packets in an in-memory buffer the size of the file, and we didn&#039;t care what order they arrived in. With a good connection, you wouldn&#039;t see any difference between this and TCP. With a bad connection, it would typically perform 1.5 to 2.5 times better.<BR><BR>(We weren&#039;t really sending files. It was actually to support a remote Object Oriented Database Management System--OODBMS--which amounted to using some computer on the Net as virtual memory for the local computer [not really, but that&#039;s an easy way to think of it]. But the effect was the same.)<BR><BR>

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