hi,<BR><BR>i have this very strange error, since our isp upgraded to access2000:<BR><BR>i update data in a table using a RS (adOpenKeyset, adLockOptimistic; DB is adModeReadWrite). either a new record is inserted or a old one uppdated.<BR><BR>most times it works fine, but sometime i get the error &#039data object is read only&#039. guess it&#039s if multiple useres write to the db (but it&#039s impossible, that write/read to the same data at the same time)<BR><BR>think the problem&#039s access2000, because the db is Access97.<BR>the directory of the db has read/write properties for the iusr.<BR><BR>i can&#039t update the db to access2000 to test, because our other software here wouldn&#039t work. and its necessary to push the wohle database evrday to our server.<BR><BR>any1 fot a idea?<BR><BR>thx in advance