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    Default Cookie vs. Session Variables

    What are your opinions regarding when a cookie should be used and when a session variable should be used? If a piece of information changes per session, are there times when a cookie should be used for resource reasons?

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    Default well use a cookie

    at most times but really does not make a diff unless you have very little money and get millions of hits a min<BR><BR><BR>

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    Default RE: Cookie vs. Session Variables

    Here is at least one good example of when you would want to use cookies. If your users need a loginid and password to enter your site then you may want to consider writing a cookie of that information. This would prevent the users from having to type in their password and login each time they visit your site (many users hate this and some will forget this info and abandon your site).<BR><BR>If it is a basic site and all you are doing is capturing some general statistics, then I would stick to session variables.

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