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    hello im trying to find out how to resize an image. i can set the height and all im just wanting to find out how to set a width then it puts the height in automatically without distorting the picture is this possible? thanks,<BR>John

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    i think you would need a simple script to calculate the proportions and generate a new width number for each new height number you imput.<BR><BR>but dont do that. that would be very resource intensive. and resizing the image manually in the first place is also resource instensive because the browser is not being allowed to just show the image as it is. before you even come up with your server-side script that you are asking about, you are spending extra bandwidth sending an unnecessarily large file to each browser client, and you are spending extra client processing power by making each browser client resize the image.<BR><BR>your application will run much better if you simply resize the image in the graphics program that generated it and then allow the browser clients to show the smaller file as is without having to do any more processing

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