Greetings, <BR><BR>I have been tracking down this CDONTS thing all day. Basically, IIS is not able to gain access to the methods and properties on the object. I can create the object, and I can close it. I can also gain access to the Version property but when I try to set any of the other properties or use the Send method it bombs out.<BR><BR>I thought it might have to do with memory space, so I set the Application Protection for that web to "Low(IIS Process)" so that it was in process with IIS. The only thing this did was give me a better error message which was:<BR><BR>"The specified procedure could not be found."<BR><BR>Does anyone have any ideas? I tried putting a wrapper around it but I got the error "Method &#039;~&#039; of object &#039;~&#039; failed." Has anyone else seen this? Something is wrong with either the dll or the service accessing it.<BR><BR>We reapplied SP3 and that didn&#039;t do anything.<BR><BR>Thanks for your help!