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    Hi there,<BR>I am very new to dotnet and this question might look very dumb to you but please help. I have installed dotnet from MSDN CD&#039;s and i m trying to create a sample Web service. When I try to browse the .asmx from IIS MMC,the download window opens and ask to save the .asmx file. Well I know there is something missing as IIS is not able to run my .asmx successfully and as a result the browser tells the client to download the file. Can anyone tell me what I m missing. <BR><BR>Thanks for your help!!!<BR>Jim <BR>

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    one is that it is my impression that only aspx files display in the browser. so that might be part of your problem. BUT, it should NOT be downloading a code file in any case.<BR><BR>therefore, your issue is probably in the way that you installed and configured on your machine. it would be nice if someone here could help you with that, but my experience has been that these forums are best for simple questions.<BR><BR>so my second thought is that you should get a better book explaining how to install and then follow the instructions to the letter. perhaps there are adequate instructions that come free with the .net framework. but i have found that wrox&#039;s beginning has a solid chapter with step by step instructions about how to install

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